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Kassel Municipality

The Landkreis Kassel is known for its beautiful low mountain range landscape with its romantic and historically interesting villages and cities. It is situated in the centre of Germany, in Nothern Hesse with a total area of 1.293 km² and approx. 240.00 inhabitants in 29 communities. The city of Kassel is our neighbor district.

Northern Hesse is an ancient cultural landscape between the rivers Diemel, Fulda and Weser, with two natural parks and huge forests. Half-timbered architecture, pilgrimage paths, abbey churches and cities dating back to medieval ages are also the background of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Rich cultural heritage and modern technology shape our region. Highly innovative technology companies and pioneering projects in the fields of sustainability, transport, mechanical engineering and automotive industry are settled in the Landkreis Kassel.  It´s a region ideal for living, working, travelling, vacation, hiking, cycling and cultural highlights!