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What is your city renowned for? What does it mean being from (Name of the città)? What makes your city unique? What would you like to pass on to future generations?
These are the questions YOU are going to answer, because YOU are the ones who live and experience the city on a daily basis.
The inhabitants are the creators, the witnesses and the guarantors of their cultural heritage. That is why they are at the heart of this process.
This platform is giving you the opportunity to share what you think characterizes your city ; it can be a monument, a tradition, a symbol, a culinary specialty or even a traditional feast … Your contribution will help to identify the elements that are shaping your city’s cultural identity and are at the basis of a shared sense of belonging.
This simple operation is part of an extremely important participative, democratic process. It contributes to the long term appropriation and valorization of heritage by the inhabitants, and fosters a sense of responsibility in its conservation. Heritage is increasingly being recognized in the European Union as a major feature for local development and peoples’ well-being.
This project enables building a common approach about heritage as a basis for local development and well-being, thus leading to foster a sense of belonging to a common European space. It has also been thought as a benchmark in terms of good practices, capacity-building and knowledge-sharing that will create a ground for profitable exchange.